Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rehearsal Dinner Thoughts

Being a true Southern Girl, I love, love, love Low Country Boil. For those of you who aren't fortunate to live in Coastal Georgia, this is a boiled mixture of shrimp, potatoes, sausage, onions, and corn. It's very simple but DELISH and is coming into vogue in such hallowed spots as Kiawah and Sea Island.

Anyway, Polo Guy and I have decided to do one for our Rehearsal Dinner. Since our colors are pink and green, I've ordered pink and green bandannas to roll silverware in. Now I was thinking of just using plain galvanized tin pails for the silverware rolls and to ice down beverages (6 oz. Cokes, natch!), until I found these great pails from The MacBeth Collection. I'm using the Sorbet Stripe Pattern on the Party Bucket. This is a FAB site - enjoy.


Susan D said...

Welcome to blogging - you will love it. The tins are too cute! They will be perfect.

I'm in NC & Hubby & I love low country boil - we try to spend coastal time when we can. We wanted to have one for our rehearsal, but our families just didn't get it. We couldn't understand their reasons, so we did stay true to NC cusine with BBQ on the menu! Have fun!!

Mrs. P said...

I wanted a low country boil, but my husband refused. I am allergic to shellfish and even though it was my idea to have one and would have been perfect for our SC wedding, he said no. He was too worried that even though I would have something to eat without shellfish, that something would happen. With that being said, I love your ideas!

We ended up having a cookout by the pool of the club that we got married at, in all the bright colors that were too much for the actual wedding. We used kelly green linens with white chairs and tied grosgrain ribbon around the napkins and the silver wear and had big tubs of drinks too. I had wanted to paint the tubs with our logo we used for our wedding, but time ran out. I think these would be really cute because you will get lots of use out of them after the wedding too. :) On the tables we had these cute little white pails that were filled with pink gerbera daisies. Best of luck with all the planning, as you can see I miss it. ;)

Jen said...

Good start to your blog. I started mine in October when I moved. I love the colors! I have been to plenty of southern weddings and gone to a couple of low country boils NC/SC/GA. I think they are fun and keep the atmosphere relaxed. The pails are super cute.

MMM said...

Very cute! I am from the South too, so I love low country! I'm also a pink and green bride. Can't wait to hear more of your ideas.

Anonymous said...

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