Monday, March 19, 2007

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

So I've been completely slack on the blog lately, but my life has been CRAZY.

Polo Guy and I had what I term the "Wedding Budget War" on Monday and Tuesday. We finally got everything worked out, but that involved a change in town, which necessitated a change in venues for both wedding and reception - mind you, we are only 5 months out! Thank goodness everything worked out and we have booked the new venues!

We also had our fab engagement party this weekend. We had our out of town guests over prior to the actual event for a "pre-party" (what's with me and all the quotes today???), which of course involved some killer homemade appetizers by moi and lots of cocktails. So many cocktails, in fact, that we were almost late to our own party!

This was our big "coming out" in my hometown, and it was really fun, but tiring at the same time. People just kept coming and coming and I was in heels smiling and hugging and making small talk. By the time we left, we were both wiped out. At last count we had about 74 guests in total, which was way more than I expected.

We also received our first wedding present - a Beatriz Ball oval salad bowl in the pearl pattern. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and it will coordinate perfectly with my Butler's Pantry everyday china. I couldn't find a photo of it online, but it's very similar to this cracker tray from the same collection.


MMM said...

Sorry about the budget problems. That is hard, I know! Glad you had fun at your engagement party. Mine is on Saturday and I'm really excited.

Britt said...

Engagement parties are so much fun - sounds like yall had a blast! - we were in Budget Wars 2006 all last fall while making decisions, feel your pain!